LEDCON is the fun Texas-Oklahoma District Convention where we come together to serve, learn, and socialize! You may know the people in your local Key Club community, but through LEDCON you will meet many new people who share your passion for leadership and service.


 Key Clubbers from across both states gather to promote community service, learn about their leadership abilities, and to meet and greet peers who share the same passion to serve their community. We participate in a wide variety of activities, including competitions, games and voting for officers. The most anticipated event, however, is the ceremony where the top clubs are recognized for their astounding achievements. These achievements are accomplished through your participation, through your dedication to service, the success of our organization, and to change the world. 

Due to our unfortunate present situation, it has been decided that LEDCON will be held online over Zoom. Preparations, however, have been made to ensure the best possible online experience. We will host a Zoom Conference where we will have Welcoming Activities, Forums, Caucus Rooms, House of Delegates, a Special Speaker and of course Awards! Click the link below for our full agenda